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I Can Speek Greek Well
KDVM Orizon
The program is based on academic material and teaching methods and aims at learning the Greek language quickly and correctly, both the oral and written part, as well as the development of various communication language skills.
I Can Speek Greek Well
The "I Can Speak Greek Well!" program is based on training methods that aim at teaching the Greek language quickly and correctly, both the oral and written part, as well as the development of various communication language skills.
  • Are you looking to capitalize on business or investment opportunities in Greece?
  • Do you want to immerse yourself in the culture and language of Greece before visiting or studying abroad?
  • Are you trying to reconnect with relatives and honor your Greek heritage? This course will transform your ability to conduct daily life and business using the Greek language.
Accessible for all skill levels! - Placement tests upon enrollment ensure participant success from novice to expert level speakers.
We have incorporated a pre-registration live online assessment meeting that will allow us to determine each participant’s current level of familiarity with the Greek Language. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Please reach out to for more information on how to access the pre-assessment meeting and talk about scheduling.
  • Tailored content for industry or organization-specific terminology (i.e.- Medical field) – Our instructors can identify the necessary phrasing, terminology, and understanding for your desired industry.
  • Taught by education experts who are native speakers - providing intuitive insight that “app-based” learning cannot deliver.
“I can speak Greek well!” is for:
  • adult and non-adult workers
  • immigrants and repatriates
  • professionals
  • tourists, guests
  • foreign residents of Greek origin or with Greek roots
  • teachers and trainers of the Greek language abroad
  • students and young people of Greek origin who live abroad
  • and all those who are interested in learning the Greek language within a short period of time!
Meets for 8 weeks, on a weekday for 2 hours (TBD) and the same on Saturdays (TBD) This iteration will focus primarily on the oral part, while a second part focusing on writing will also be introduced at a later time. The program encompasses modern, adult training techniques, paired with the expertise of University Professors from Greece (currently living and teaching in Greece). This unique program offers 32 live online synchronous training, where participants have the opportunity to practice their learnings, work on their dialogue-conversation skills, have any of their questions answered, and much more! The entire experience of the program is estimated to 80 hours, as participants will be provided an array of resources to work on their own time, outside of the class.
The cost of the program amounts to €480, while installments are available.
  • Advance payment: €100
  • 1st installment: 100€
  • 2nd installment: 100€
  • 3rd installment: 90€
  • 4th installment: 90€

In a Nutshell

Duration8 weeks
ExperienceNot required
Deposit Amount100
Payment Method1η δόση: 100€, 2η δόση: 100€, 3η δόση: 90€, 4η δόση: 90€
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