The National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P.), through Certification and Vocational Guidance, invests in more quality, efficient and reliable Lifelong Learning services in Greece for the benefit of citizens.
Our central pursuit is the closer connection of education and training with the needs of the labor market, the upgrading of the professional qualifications of the workforce, the strengthening of their employment prospects and the strengthening of social cohesion, with the aim of creating a more competitive economy and a more cohesive society, with a common orientation of investing in the active citizen in the context of modern society and the knowledge economy.
The E.O.P.E.P. is a Legal Entity under Private Law, supervised by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, based in Athens. It is the successor body of the merger of the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications (E.O.P.P.), the National Center for the Certification of Lifelong Learning Structures (E.K.E.P.I.S.) and the National Center for Vocational Guidance (E.K.E.P.).
The E.O.P.E.P. is one of the first organizations of the wider public sector (NPID) to have received a Distinction of Excellence, according to the internationally recognized Excellence model EFQM (The European Foundation of Quality Management). In particular, the E.O.P.E.P.E.P. has been Certified to the 1st Level of Business Excellence of the EFQM International Recognition program "Committed to Business Excellence - Committed to Excellence".
The E.O.P.E.P. is the executive management body of the National Lifelong Learning Network. It develops and implements an integrated national certification system for non-formal education (initial and continuing professional training and general adult education) and provides scientific support for Vocational Guidance and Counseling services in our country.
The E.O.P.E.P. aims to ensure and upgrade the Quality: in the provision of non-formal education: certified Agencies and Structures that implement non-formal education Programs with certified specifications, based on certified Professional Outlines, and in which certified Adult Trainers teach, with the support of certified Accompanying Executives of Services (SYY) for people from socially vulnerable groups, in learning outcomes: certified knowledge, skills and abilities acquired through a non-formal and informal learning path, in the provision of professional guidance and counseling services: services and tools for lifelong career development and school professional guidance, utilizing modern IT and communication technologies, development of networking mechanisms and upgrading professional guidance and counseling services, personalized services to a wide range of population.

The strategic cooperation of IEK Orizon with the British state certification body TQUK has been created with the aim of contributing as much as possible to highlighting their skills certified and therefore have remarkable professional development. Essentially through this collaboration, we offer our students the possibility to acquire, alongside their studies, in addition to the Greek state diploma, a global, level 6, study diploma in their specialty, an Advanced Professional Diploma (Level 6 Equivalent)! We underline that the international TQUK diploma opens the way to upgrading work and continuing studies both in Greece and abroad!

ACTA is a Certification Centre, founded by Aristotle University Thessaloniki.
Its purpose is to provide certifications of Human Resources skills and systems of international standards, in Greece and abroad. Since the beginning of its operation, it has been based on the quality of its services and high-level certification, so that the holders of the certifications can stand out in the ever-increasing demands of the labor market. Finally, the ACTA certifications are the first certifications issued by a Hellenic University Knowledge Intensity Company, linking the University's know-how and research with the needs of the Greek labor market.

The HELLENIC INSTITUTE OF CERTIFICATIONS - EL.IN.P was founded to provide comprehensive and reliable services in the field of Certification of Professional Qualifications of Natural Persons, on a nationwide scale, but also abroad in multiple subjects, with an emphasis on the fields with a diagnosed need to strengthen skills and specialization.
In order to achieve the goals it has set, it has developed and installed a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards ELOT EN ISO 9001/2008 and ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012, in order for the certification process to be implemented with a documented adequacy, impartiality, objectivity, reliability and validity. EL.IN.P provides the possibility of certification in many and different subjects in order to strengthen the CV of the certified.

University of South Florida - Corporate Training and Professional Education
University of South Florida
IEK/KDBM ORIZON welcomes the new educational collaboration with the University of South Florida (USF) in the context of the seminars and programs offered by the Center for Lifelong Learning. Founded in 1956, USF is home to more than 45,000 undergraduate and graduate students from 146 countries. It is the fastest growing university in America, according to the US News and World Report (U.S. News) “2022 Best Colleges” ranking. Over the past 10 years, USF has risen 67 places among all universities and 48 places among public universities, more than many other universities in the country.
The Department of Corporate Training and Professional Education, with which the HORIZON KDVM works, aims to expand the reach of USF's academic programs and promote the professional development of the workforce in the South Florida region. and beyond it.
The start of the collaboration is through the "Speak Good Greek" Program that the ORIZON KDVM offers to USF students and the Greek community of South Florida. The trust in the quality of our programs from an American university honors us and fills us with joy and pride! For more information: University of South Florida:
USF-Corporate Training and Professional Education: