IEK - KDVM Orizon
IEK - KDVM Orizon
Students, graduates and teachers, we are the family of IEK Orizon! In 2012, teachers and executives from our city and county, together with an organization that has more than 25 years of tradition in education, started something new. A model effort for the Greek community. To create a center of learning and vocational training that had nothing to envy from any other Private IEK in the country. Over the years, more than 170 of our graduates worthily represent IEK Orizon in the job market at a rate of over 90%, either in Kalamata and Messinia, or in other parts of Greece and abroad (England, France, Austria , The Netherlands, the Caribbean and elsewhere). This success is due to a number of factors, which make IEK ORIZON a pioneer in tourism and pedagogical education in the region.
  • We specialize in tourism and pedagogy
  • We have teachers that are the most renowned professionals in the field of tourism from the largest hotels in our area ( Costa Navarino, Elite, Grecotel, Filoxenia, Pharae Palace etc.)
  • Pedagogical students carry out their lessons in real working conditions and benefit from the vast experience of Ekpedeftiria in preschool education.
  • Our specialization allows us to apply a personalized approach to the internship and to match the needs of students with those of hotels and kindergartens.
  • We are located in green, privately owned facilities and we have well-equipped laboratories
  • We have a family atmosphere: at IEK Orizon the owners, the directors of studies, the instructors and the administrative staff have a very close relationship with the students in a friendly, but also strict - when necessary - environment. For us, the priority is the career and that is why we do not hesitate to be strict where needed, but we are also next to the student in all their professional concerns. It is no coincidence that IEK ORIZON is known for being like a family with its students.
  • We support graduates no matter how many years go by: Our graduates know that no matter how many years go by, they can knock on our door when they need it. After all, those who wish,can participate in Career Days and are interviewed for professional positions.

GENERAL INFORMATION about all specialties

The duration of studies is 2 years (4 semesters of training). At the end of each semester, students must take part in the exams of IEK ORIZON. After succeeding in these examinations, students receive the Vocational Training Certificate, which certifies the successful completion of their studies. With this Certificate they can take part in the examinations of the Ministry of Education, which are held nationwide. In these exams, which include a practical and theoretical part, the graduates of Public and Private I.E.K., compete in common subjects in order to obtain the Vocational Training Diploma (Certification). The Vocational Training Diploma is recognized, both in Greece and in the countries of the European Union (Presidential Decree 231 / 29-7-98, which incorporated Directive 92/51 / EEC into Greek law).

Graduate Professional Rights

The Vocational Training Diploma has been recognized as a formal qualification for appointment in the public sector based on P.D. 50/2001 (Government Gazette 39 / Α '/ 05-03-2001) as amended and valid with the P.D. 347/2003 (Government Gazette 115 / Α '/ 31-12-2003, Εγκ.ΔΟΑ / Φ13 / 1873, Annex C'), P.D. 44/2005 (Government Gazette 63 / A '/ 9-03-2005), P.D. 116/2006 (Government Gazette 115 / Α '/ 9-06-2006), Π.Δ.146 / 2007 (Government Gazette 185 / Α' / 3-08-2007) Holders of the Vocational Training Diploma are scored in ASEP competitions with 150 points Article 8, L3051 / 2002 (Government Gazette 220 / A '/ 20-9-2002) We would like to inform you that graduates of EPAL, EPAS, TEE B 'Cycle, TEL and EPL of a respective specialty can enroll in the 3rd semester, through the classification process. For more information, you can contact the school. Tuition varies depending on the specialty, while there are different categories of discounts, with social criteria and payment criteria. For more information, you can contact us

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