A Specialty Culinary Art Technician - Chef's profession is an art form, an expression of emotion. All senses are engaged in this gastronomic experience.
Culinary Specialist - Chef
Culinary Specialist - Chef
Specialty Culinary Art Technician - Chef is an art form, an expression of emotions. All five senses are stimulated by this gastronomic experience.
The tourism and catering industries are now an integral part of our nation, and the specialty of "Culinary Art" attracts and has a huge demand from businesses in the food industry. Moreover, the Culinary Arts graduate contributes significantly to the local communities, strengthening local gastronomy and promoting Greece in the best way possible through its gastronomy. We are not just discussing a profession, but a function that provides unique experiences and memories to our society.
Activities related to the job (Job Profile)
Culinary Art Technician - Head Chef can independently handle the following subjects:
  • Controlling, preserving, and utilizing food quality.
  • Keeping food safe.
  • Preparation of dishes of all types and forms.
  • Organizing and managing the kitchen in a perfect manner.
  • Using meat, poultry, game, fish, and seafood, as well as cutting and preparing them.
  • In accordance with the applicable market and health provisions, the appropriate composition of each menu.
  • Dishes are presented and decorated in a particular manner.
  • Confectionery is an art form.
Rehabilitative services for the workforce
Organizing and operating modern kitchens, regardless of size or type, in hotels and catering businesses in the private and public sectors. The following are examples of such businesses:
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • The restaurant business as an independent enterprise
  • Restaurants located in industrial units or commercial department stores
  • School, hospital, and institution restaurants
  • Unit restaurants of the Armed Forces
  • Restaurants located on transport means (trains, cruise ships, cruise ships, etc.)
  • Catering services for social events (outside caterers)
Furthermore, at IEK "ORIZON" the following students are enrolled in the Culinary Technician - Chef program:
  • Attending free specialized seminars and attending educational visits enhances his knowledge of the subject
  • His first year of study is devoted to internships in large hotels and restaurants.
  • In addition to remedial teaching, he also attends remedial courses in basic courses related to his specialty, such as Culinary Art, Pastry Elements, English, Computer Use, Food Hygiene, and Meat Slicing.

In a Nutshell

Duration2 years
State Diploma
ExperienceNot required
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