Infant care
The Childcare Assistant specialty is valuable since it offers benefits not only to children, but also to society at large.
Infant care
Infant Care Assistant
Infant Care
Infant Care Assistant
The Childcare Assistant specialty is valuable because it serves not only children, but also the entire society by extension. It is due to the fact that the exercise of this profession relates to the preschool age, which is considered to be a particularly critical period for the development of a child's character and personality. As a result of focusing on the love for the child, meeting his basic needs, while also taking into consideration his interests, stimuli are given for his all-round development. Therefore, it is not simply about practicing a profession, but also about performing a function.

(Job Profile) Professional Activities

Holders of the Nursing Assistant diploma include:
  • In addition to providing psychosomatic health care and psychosomatic development, it also provides education and socialization to infants and toddlers (ages 0-6). In accordance with the principles of nursing and pedagogy, it provides them with education, entertainment, and care (food, cleanliness)
  • The following is the daily program of the Nursery School, which includes a series of activities that help the child to acquire knowledge and experiences, develop sensitivity, imagination, aesthetics, creative abilities, ability to express, observation and autonomy, as well as to expand his inner world and mature emotionally and psychomotorically.
  • Everyone is encouraged to participate in the activities - with an appropriate approach - and in general to create an atmosphere of affection, acceptance, safety, and joy.
  • Observes each child's reactions, points out changes or pathological symptoms, informs the responsible babysitter or kindergarten teacher, and, with the approval of the babysitter or kindergarten teacher, also the parents and specialists (doctor, psychologist, etc.).
  • Applies all necessary hygiene measures and is responsible for any negligence or omission that may affect the health of the children
  • When the babysitter or kindergarten teacher is absent, replaces him or her
  • Provides reports and updates to the station's books as required by the regulations regarding children and general operations
  • Reception of the children (infants and toddlers), cleaning of the children, feeding, education program, rest and departure of the children all occur on a daily basis. As the children's needs, the conditions of the day, or the requirements of his/her daily work dictate, these tasks are adapted accordingly.

Rehabilitation for vocational purposes

  • Private and public preschool education centers (nursery centers)
  • As part of playgrounds
  • Children may be employed in hotel units that have corresponding programs (for youth employment)
Additionally, the Nursing Assistant students at IEK ORIZON:
  • The laboratory portion of the courses is conducted in a real workplace, in the facilities of the "Little Explorers" Kindergarten-Kindergarten of the Bouga Schools, with teachers who have long-term experience in the field.
  • His knowledge is further enhanced by attending specialized seminars
  • Additionally, he attends remedial courses in basic subjects of the specialty, such as Children's Literature, Techniques, Games, Music and Motor Education.

In a Nutshell

Duration2 years
State Diploma
ExperienceNot required
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